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Bed Bug Extermination – When It All Goes Wrong

Reports in the press this week highlight just how badly things can go wrong during a bed bug extermination even for  professionals.

One  bed bug extermination company in Edmonton are being sued for causing a fire at an apartment building which seen four people admitted to hospital with serious injuries and also caused injury to two of the firefighters in attendance.

The drama unfolded as a company operative was carrying out a bed bug extermination in an apartment on the fourth floor.

The aim had been to heat the apartment to a temperature of over 45oC to kill bed bugs using propane heaters – usually a very effective, if expensive method of bed bug extermination. However, on this occasion it was REALLY expensive as the fire is thought to have caused around $3.5 million worth of damage!

The pest control company face allegations of not giving sufficient training to the operative and failure to ensure the procedure was carried out with adequate safely measures in place.

Vancouver Fire Truck

On this site we always stress that safety is paramount particularly when using chemicals etc. to get rid of bed bugs. We also say on numerous occasions if  your infestation is too large or wide spread to deal with yourself hire a professional company of pest control experts to do it for you.

Stories like this make you think twice! Fortunately these things don’t happen regularly but there are things you should consider before you hire any such company.

What To Consider When Hiring a Bed Bug Extermination Company

1. Check the credentials of any company you consider hiring very carefully. If possible get references from people who has used them already – any company with nothing to hide will be happy to supply names etc.

2.  Ask to see certification of staff training.

3.  Check  what safety measure they plan to put in place during the extermination process.

The bed bug elimination company  which caused this fire in Edmonton  causing injury to residents and fire fighters was charged under the Alberta Fire Code and according to reports on CBC News has been fined $10,000.

Russel Croome, Deputy Fire Chief of Public Safety is quoted as saying “The Royal Scot fire was preventable, posing needless risk to the public and emergency responders,”

Take heed! Bed bug exterminations can go wrong with potentially disastrous consequences.

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