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What Is The Best Bed Bug Treatment?

Finding the best bed bug treatment may not be as simple as you may imagine. For a start there are now hundreds if not thousands of products on the market all claiming to rid you of your infestation in the blink of an eye. However, the sad fact is that bringing a bed bug infestation under control can be a difficult and time consuming task.

This article is designed to help you make an informed choice and get the best bed bug treatment for your circumstances first time instead of wasting hundreds of Dollars.

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For information about the bed bugs themselves and their life cycle go to The Life Cycle Of A Bed Bug In Pictures where you will discover all you need to know.

Lets look at your best bed bug treatment options.

1. The first option and one which some people will prefer is to call in the professional exterminators. This is the expensive way to get rid of bed bugs it could set you back hundreds of Dollars! You will most likely have to move out of your property whilst it is treated and the chances are that the chemicals used to kill the infestation may be fairly dangerous and could have an effect on the health of those living in the house for some time after.

2. The first DIY bed bug treatment is the use of steam. This won’t cost a lot in money terms (perhaps the price of a good steam cleaner) but it will take time and effort. So, here is what you do.

a. Seal off and de-clutter the room, get rid of everything possible such as books, magazines etc. where the bed bugs may hide. Put them in sealed plastic bags and dispose of them. It is vital that the bags are sealed tightly so not to spread the infestation to other areas in the house.

b. Remove clothing from drawers and closets and closely inspect for bugs at all stages of development go to The Life Cycle Of A Bed Bug In Pictures which may be of help in identifing the bugs. Where possible wash all clothing on a hot wash cycle, do this with bedding too. Anything which can’t be washed try placing it in a tumble dryer on a high setting for around ten minutes – bed bugs cannot withstand heat.

c. Now its time to tackle the room. Firstly vacuum EVERYTHING, the mattress, the box spring, the curtains, soft furnishings, inside drawers and closets, furniture and the floor particularly round the edges. At this point if you find any cracks or holes in the wall or floor SEAL them up because they are ideal hiding places for bed bugs. Don’t forget to check the more obscure places too like smoke alarms, alarm clocks, picture frames, electrical sockets these are also favourite hiding places.

d. Once you have done this repeat the whole routine using a steam cleaner. You will find more information on exactly how to use your steam cleaner for this task by visiting Kill Bed Bugs With Steam.

e. You could leave it at that however, as an insurance policy you might want to treat the whole room with a bed bug spray or powder There are many to choose from. Some are only effective on contact others will have a residual effect. Just take care when making your choice because some can be toxic to human health and won’t do house pets any favors either!

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3. The second DIY bed bug treatment is to use as mentioned above a bed bug spray, now I know there are numerous ones on the market but I personally have used Bed Bug Patrol’s Bed Bug Killer Spray and I have to say that it seemed to work. However, I did carry out the steps 2a,b and c before I used the spray so I would definitely advise you to do the same.

Something I haven’t mentioned is that you must empty the contents of your vacuum cleaner immediately you finish into a plastic bag, seal it tightly and dispose of it – make sure you do this in the same room as the infestation.

4. The final DIY bed bug treatment is to use encasements on your mattress, box spring and possibly pillows. Now you must be aware that this will only work if the whole room has been treated using one of the other bed bug treatments mentioned above first because it is very unlikely that the bed is the only place in the room where they are hiding.

These mattress encasements can be used in one of two ways. You can put these on and therefore trap any live bed bugs inside where they will eventually die but, be warned bed bugs can live up to a year without food! Secondly you can use them as protection to stop the bed bugs getting into your mattress and box spring in the first place. This is a particularly good idea if you have gone out and purchased a new bed following an infestation.

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  • admin

    Hi there,

    I’m sorry Bed Bug Patrol did not work as you had hoped.
    Glad to hear you sorted out those bed bugs with an alternative.

  • Nickolas Bertola

    I spent a lot of money on bed bug patrol with not good results. I have sprayed them directly,and watched as them asked for more. If you want to kill bed bugs,you will find fantastic results with raid lemon scent. It smells great and knocks the crap out of the bugs. They drop instantly and leaves a great smell. They continue to drop for days. The spray cans are yellow and a hell of a lot cheaper than the expensive Bed Bug Patrol. It is used the same way as the bug patrol. You will be bug free or almost free. The love to be in recliners and soft covered chairs.
    Good luck
    Nick Bertola