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Verifi Bed Bug Monitor

Great news for all bed bug victims! At last the Verifi Bed Bug Monitor and Trap is finally released this month!

The Verifi bed bug detector has been tried and tested by many universities and has been found to be very effective at detecting these horrid little blood suckers for around 90 days.

The new 90 day Verifi Bed Bug Monitor

It is the ideal solution not only for homes but also for use in larger establishments where any infestation can be devastating to business such as hotels, cruise ships, it will also be of great use in hospitals, nursing homes and shelters.

How does the verifi bed bug monitor work?

Quite simply it attracts bed bugs looking for a meal in much the same way that human victims do. It uses pheromone, CO2 and kairomone to attract them and thus group round or in the monitor.

The Verifi monitor does not just attract the bed bugs, it will also trap them in the top cavity which they will fall into should they climb up looking for food.

The huge advantage this monitor has is the fact that it is reusable – by the complete unit once then simply replace the attractants as required and the use of zip ties means that the unit cannot be opened or messed around with by anyone other than those responsible for checking the units etc. This feature in particular should make it a good option for hotels, cruise liners and any public access areas.

When the unit is first set up the CO2 booster works for 24 hours to allow any infestation to be detected rapidly. Then for the remaining 90 days or so the other chemical agents i.e. pheromones and kairomone work to lure the bed bugs.

The ideal spot to locate your monitor is as close as possible to bed.

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