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Treatment For Bed Bug Bites

The main thing which most people get concerned about once the initial shock of discovering they have an infestation of bed bugs is are the bites dangerous to their health and what is the best treatment for bed bug bites.

treatment for Bed Bug Bites

Bed Bug Bites

Everyone is different and will react to bed bug bites differently. For a great many people the bites will go completely un-noticed. This is because the bed bugs will attack whilst you sleep, they inject a anticoagulant chemical which prevents the blood from clotting meaning that you will not feel anything as the bed bug feasts on your blood.

In cases where people do suffer from a reaction to a bite it is the anticoagulant which they are allergic to. It is safe to say that in the vast majority of cases the allergic reaction is mild and is certainly not likely to endanger your health. The worst part of this type of reaction is the itching.

Treatment For Bed Bug Bites? Kill Bed Bugs!

So what is the best treatment for bed bug bites?

You could visit your doctor however because bed bug bites are essentially an allergic reaction and have no distinctive appearance of their own they are quite often misdiagnosed as other skin problems. They can take the appearance of a red rash, a reddish patch on the skin or little bumps or welts.

Getting rid of the bed bugs has to be your first priority to prevent further bites and you can get lots of tips on this site as to how you can do this.

The best treatment for bed bug bites is firstly not to scratch! Easier said than done but, you run the risk of infection if the skin on the welts gets broken.

Bathe the area of the bite with some warm water and then apply a cooling cream something like Hydrocortisone or another such cream specifically for insect bites. You may also consider taking an antihistamine orally such as Benadryl which is available over the counter in drug stores.

Good old calimine lotion is also a good treatment for bed bug bites it can offer some relief from the itching – messy though it is.

The length of time that the welts or rash lasts again depends on the individual. For some people they will stop itching and disappear within days for others it may be a couple of weeks.

Remember, you will never be free of bites until you eliminate the bed bugs from you home. Get everything you need HERE and be bed bug free fast!

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