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Signs Of Bed Bugs – Know What To Look For

If you think you may have a bed bug infestation but you are not 100% sure, you need to read this article. Knowing what to look for and where to look for signs of bed bugs is essential so that you can deal with the problem quickly.

Bed Bug Bites

The very first sign of bed bugs is often bites, bed bugs are nocturnal and will attack at night while you sleep. As they suck your blood they release an anticoagulant substance which helps the blood flow more readily and it is this which causes the reaction. So, if you are getting out of bed in the morning with itchy red welts or a rash on exposed areas of skin – most likely the face, arms legs etc. there is a high possibility you could have bed bugs. However, there are a high number of people who have no reaction at all to bed bug bites meaning that an infestation could potentially get out of control before any signs of bed bugs are discovered.

Found Signs Of Bed Bugs? Get Treatments That Work

Signs Of Bed Bugs To Look For:-

1. Check the bedding – if a bed bug has just finished feeding and gets squashed as you move in your sleep it will burst! Disgusting, but true! Therefore another sign of bed bugs is often blood smears on sheets you may also find the bed bug.

Faecal Matter

2. Bed bugs love to hide away during the day and a favorite place is of course the bed. Strip off all the bedding, check the mattress – particularly at the seams, in creases and around handles and buttons. You may well find live bed bugs or you may find dark faecal markings which have been left behind or you may notice small translucent eggs which are about the size of a grain of rice attached to the mattress. All of these things are a sure sign of bed bugs. The headboard and box springs are also favored by the bugs so be sure to check these too.

3. Moving away from the bed, these little vampires can travel quite a distance so don’t be fooled into thinking that they are just in your bed. You need to check the whole room. Check any cracks and crevices around the walls and floors, in closets, drawers, electrical sockets, smoke alarms, picture frames and soft furnishings. Again the main sign of bed bugs if no live specimens are found are the dark faecal marks, dead bed bugs, shed skins or eggs.

Bed Bug Eggs

4. Don’t forget to thoroughly check clothing – in pockets, under collars, in shoes. Bed bugs like to catch a ride to their next location so if you are not careful you will carry them to the office, the store, they have even been found in schools!

Found Signs Of Bed Bugs? Get Treatments That Work

If you uncover signs of bed bugs as I have described and you have checked all the locations possible you can categorically say you have a bed bug infestation and it is time for action.!

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  • admin

    Bed bugs are a reddish brown color, oval shaped and measure about 5mm, To get a good look at bed bugs at all stages of development have a look at my article The Life Cycle Of A Bed Bug In Pictures

    Did you receive the mattress etc. with the covers already on? This could be a sign that perhaps your neighbor has a problem with bed bugs in the past – or they are just being cautious 🙂

    The fact that you only found 1 possible bed bug and it was dead suggests that any infestation in gone however, there could be bugs living inside the mattress if you say there are holes in it (I’m pretty sure bed bugs don’1 eat through fabric)

    If you can pluck up the courage you could ask your neighbor if they had a bed bug problem or you could do the following:-

    1. Remove the encasements from the mattress and box spring and launder them at as high a temperature as possible (if they can’t be laundered perhaps you could purchase new ones)
    2. Use your vacuum cleaner and thoroughly vacuum every inch of mattress and box spring – pay particular attention at seams and around any decorative buttons and handles.
    3 In the same way use a steam cleaner and repeat the process – steam is fantastic at killing bed bugs at all stages in there development.
    4. Replace the encasements as soon as possible (make sure the mattress is 100% dry first or you will end up with mold too!)
    5. As a precaution once you have done this I would vacuum and steam clean the whole room in case you have any escapees! You might want to use a non toxic bed bug spray or bed bug dust as an extra insurance policy!

  • ItsDaPoleece

    Thank you for this article. I checked for all the signs of bed bugs you listed and still haven’t found any… but the reason I’m here is that I found a small blackish bug (dead) in the seam of the mattress where I’d expect to see a bed bug.

    It’s teardrop shaped but longer than it is wide. More like zero with a small party hat.

    This is a mattress i just received from my neighbor with a boxspring as well. They each have covers on but I had to check them. Typically I’d just get rid of both right now but I really need a new mattress and I only found one bug that I’m not sure if it’s a bed bug.

    I did find pinholes in a 2 inch wide, 7-8 inch long streak on the outside of the mattress cover. Are bed bugs known to eat through covers ever?

    Any advice or insight, I’d appreciate it. Thank you!

  • admin

    If you can be more specific about the info. you need I’ll try to help.

  • Celly

    Thank you so much for the help. Although more information would be nice. This isn’t the information I need. You only gave about 1 or 2 signs of bed bugs