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Prevent Bed Bugs Coming Home From School!

No matter how much we try to prevent bed bugs they continue to plague Americans across the country. It has emerged in a study carried out by the National Pest Management Association that one in five of the population has at some time had contact with these vampire like pests.

You are probably aware by now that while these reddish, oval shaped bugs don’t appear to spread disease they do cause an unsightly, itchy, red rash.

They will breed extremely rapidly and can be a total nightmare to get rid of once they find their way into your home.

Bed bugs will hitch a rid in clothing and other belongings and are often found these days in all kinds of places including care homes, hospitals, on public transport and worst of all for parents in SCHOOLS!

So, as the school summer vacation draws to a close should finding ways to prevent bed bugs be given as much thought as the new the school clothes and shoes?

For some this may seem a little extreme. However, considering that the same survey from the NPMA also found that there was a 10% rise in the instances of professional pest control companies being called in to treat bed bugs in schools and child day care centers maybe it is not so crazy.

It should be pointed out that it is rare for a school to have a large bed bug infestation – any which are found tend to be few in number.

Never-the-less it is worth taking precautions to prevent bed bugs hitching a ride into your home in your child’s school bag!

Check school items regularly

Tips To Prevent Bed Bugs Coming Home From School:

1. Check with the school to find out if they have plans in place which would allow early detection of bed bugs and prompt eradication if necessary.

2. Encourage children to be pro-active in preventing bed bugs. Tell them what the signs of bed bugs are and also let them know that it is important that they pass on information to you if any friends have a bed bug problem at home.

If you are aware that bed bugs are causing problems close to where you live there are some additional precautions you might consider to prevent bed bugs in your home.

1. Check school clothing, bags, books etc. regularly.

2. Launder and tumble dry school clothing etc. regularly at high temperatures.

3. This one again may seem extreme but it could prevent bed bugs invading your property. Place school bags and other items in a sealed plastic box or container.


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