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Tips and advice on the treatment of bed bugs

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How to Prevent Bed Bugs – Keep The Suckers OUT!

ue to the recent increase in bed bug outbreaks throughout the world it is becoming harder and harder to prevent bed bugs from getting into our homes.

If you have never experienced an infestation of bed bugs – believe me you don’t want to.

Lost sleep, itchy, red, weeping sores which, if they get infected may require antibiotics from your doctor.

Bed Bug Infested Bed

Bed Bug Infested Bed

Then there is the major hassle and expense of getting rid of the little blood sucking pests. There are numerous DIY kits and sprays available on the market which would allow you to eliminate the bed bugs yourself. However, large infestations are not always easy to get rid of and may need a team of professionals to do the job which may cost as much as $1000! Ouch!

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How to prevent bed bugs getting into your home in the first place.

1. If you travel regularly and use hotels and motels check the bed and room carefully. Look out for dark faecal spots or blood spots on bedding, check in the folds and creases of the mattress. Check closets and drawers and desks for bugs dead or alive before you unpack your belongings.

2. If you can avoid it do not take used furniture into your home as bed bugs may be hiding out especially in drawers and bed frames. If you do purchase such an item check it carefully before taking it home and clean it thoroughly it may even be worth using some bed bug spray as a precaution.

If you have suffered an infestation which has been successfully treated here are a few tips which may help you to prevent bed bugs invading your home again.

1. If you have cracks and gaps in walls and floors where the bed bugs were make sure they are filled properly reduce hiding places.

2. Good housekeeping – by checking bedding and mattresses regularly and vacuum regularly you should be able to spot any signs that bed bugs are present and treat them quickly and prevent bed bugs multiplying and spreading.

3. To protect your box spring and mattress it is worth while investing in bed bug proof encasements.

This is a great solution for older beds which may have holes in the fabric of the mattress or box spring etc. where the bed bugs could get inside but which were difficult to treat. Put one of these on and the bugs cannot get out and will eventually die.

It is also a good investment if you have purchased a new bed because it will act as a barrier and prevent bed bugs getting in.

4. Crawling insect dust will also act as a deterrant whilst killing any bed bugs which may be lurking in dark corners. Apply a dusting of the dust and any bed bugs which come into contact with it will absorb it through their skin, dehydrate and die!

5. Another great yet simple way of eliminating any stray bed bugs is the use of bed bug traps. All you have to do is place these on chair legs, furniture, bed posts etc. the bed bugs will be attracted to the CO2 you breath out but in there way to attack they will become firmly trapped.

Bed bug infestations are increasing at alarming rates . If you follow these simple tips on how to prevent bed bugs you should be able to sleep easy with only your teddy for company!

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