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Find Bed Bugs Before You Treat For Bed Bugs

If you find yourself getting out of bed in the morning covered in itchy red welts there is a strong possibility that you have an infestation of bed bugs. However, there are other bugs and pests which can leave you with similar symptoms. The only way to be sure you have this type of problem is to physically find bed bugs!

What are you looking for?

Bed bugs like to hide out during day light hours and will find their way into all sorts of places. Arm yourself with a good flash light because these bugs are only about 1/5th of an inch in length when fully grown, oval shaped and reddish brown in color. However, you are not only trying to find bed bugs – you are also looking for their tell tale signs they leave behind.

Treat Bed Bugs In Your Home

Finding bed bugs themselves may not always be possible but what you are likely to find clues.

Find Bed Bugs Poo

Bed Bug Poo

Dark spots around cracks, on bed linen etc. if you wipe these using a damp cloth and they smudge you have most probably found bed bug poo!


The next thing you may come across when tying to find bed bugs are eggs. Bed bug eggs are usually firmly attached to the surface on which they have been laid. They are tiny, white and oval in shape – often described as looking like grains of rice. You are likely to find these in the creases of your mattress and so on.

Finding Bed Bugs Skins

As the bed bugs develop and grow into adults they shed their skins. What they leave behind are clear,
empty, bug shaped “shells.” If you do find bed bugs skins this is another sure sign that they are in your home.

Cast Off Bed Bug Skin

Blood Spots

Bed bugs attack their victims usually as they sleep and having had their evening meal they are full of blood. Quite often therefore, if one gets crushed in the night you will find bed bug blood spots on your bed linen. YUK!
So, now we know what to look for when trying to find bed bugs but where should you look?

Treat Bed Bugs In Your Home

Actually finding bed bugs or signs of bed bugs doesn’t have to be too difficult:

1. Start with the bed, check linen for blood spots then check the mattress and box spring for signs. Pay particular attention along the base of the headboard, around handles, buttons and along seams – the same areas apply on sofas, chairs etc. this is where you are most likely to find bed bugs.

2. Systematically check the furniture in the room and any clothing etc. stored in it. Look in cupboards, inside and under drawers, physically check the base of the furniture too.

3. Check behind picture frames, mirrors, light switches, alarm clocks, radios, behind peeling wallpaper – every obscure place you can think of. The chances are these are the places you will end up finding bed bugs.

4. Look for cracks and small holes around baseboards, window and door frames, floor boards – now might be a good time to seal them up even if you don’t find bed bugs this time!

This list of places you may find bed bugs is by no means complete – it really is about a game of hide and seek. The sooner you find the bed bugs the sooner you can begin treating the problem.

You could of course save your self a lot of time if you use a fantastic new product on the market The New 90 Verifi Bed Bug Detector. This small refillable box gives of CO2, pheromones and Kairomone which attract the bed bugs just like a victim would . There is one area which does trap them but it is the area behind the appliance where the bed bugs leave poo, skins and lay eggs which will give the game away!

The New 90 Verifi Bed Bug Detector works for a full 90 days and replacement cartridges are available. This product really does take the hassle out of finding bed bugs.

Treat Bed Bugs In Your Home

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