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Bed Bug Rash Or Chicken Pox? How Do You Decide?

Bed Bug Rash Or Not The one sign most commonly associated with bed bug infestations has to be the bed bug rash. However, before making the assumption that any rash has been caused by bed bug bites it is essential that you consider other possible causes. There is a wide range of skin conditions and […]

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Bed Bugs Bites – The Symptoms

Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures, i.e. they are active at night which is why they prey on their victims inflicting bed bugs bites as they sleep. They feed only on blood which they extract from individuals by piercing the skin and drawing blood up through an extra long beak like feature. Bed Bugs Bites Symptoms […]

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Signs Of Bed Bugs Should Never Be Ignored

Why Should Signs of Bed Bugs Never be Ignored? Treating them can be a long gruelling process. However, the longer you leave an infestation the larger the problem will become making eradication all the more difficult. There is another very good reason why you should not ignore signs of bed bugs your health – both […]

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