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Tips and advice on the treatment of bed bugs

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Bed Bugs Treatment In Six Easy Steps

With bed bugs showing no signs of going away any time soon, everyone should know what action to take if they discover an infestation in their home. Bed bugs treatment can be difficult and time consuming because these little vampires like to hide out in the most obscure places.

However, with a good action plan and a lot of hard work it is possible to carry out your own treatment for bed bugs successfully.

Six Step Bed Bugs Treatment

1. De-clutter: Bed bugs like to hide in all sorts of places so get rid of anything which is lying around the room for example newspapers, books etc. Place everything you don’t need in sealed plastic bags as dispose of them.

Blood Filled Bed bug

2. Remove clothing and bedding from the room – again in sealed plastic bags. Launder everything possible at the highest temperatures fabrics will allow and tumble dry. Any items which cannot be laundered should be put in the dryer on a high heat for around ten minutes or steam cleaned. When you are confident these items are bed bug free place them once again in sealed plastic bags to prevent re-contamination. DO NOT take items to be dry cleaned!

3. Don’t forget about drawers, closets etc. particularly those closest to the bed. Check these pieces of furniture inside and out and also be sure to check carefully the contents and treat if necessary.

Get Everything You Need For Successful Bed Bug Treatment

4. Working methodically vacuum EVERYTHING, the mattress, box spring, carpets, rugs, chairs, curtains, soft furnishings – the list is endless. Make sure you get into any little cracks and crevices and check the most unlikely places like light switches, electrical sockets, alarm clocks, smoke alarms, behind peeling wall coverings again the list is endless.

Once this task is complete empty your vacuum cleaners contents into a plastic bag, seal it and dispose of it immediately.

5. Steam is the best bed bugs treatment you can use. If you don’t want to purchase a steam cleaner you can hire one. Following the same path as with the vacuum cleaner steam clean everything possible. Pay particular attention to the folds and creases of your mattress and soft furnishings and also around any buttons and handles.

Bed Bugs Along Mattress Stitching

Get Everything You Need For Successful Bed Bug Treatment

6. Once this process is complete you may want to scatter some crawling insect dust or use a Bed Bug Spray as an additional bed bugs treatment to eliminate any pests who may have survived.

If you are lucky you will be bed bug free however, it may be necessary to repeat this procedure.

REMEMBER: Deal with one room at a time and bag everything in the infested room so as not to contaminate other areas of the house. It is also essential that the area where the laundry is done is sanitized immediately after to eradicate any escaped bugs!

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