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Bed Bugs, Pets And Vacations

Bed Bugs Bite Pets Too!

Are you heading off to enjoy an bit of sun, relax and have fun with your family this summer. Is your much loved pet going too? The last thing you want is you vacation spoiled by bed bugs!

You are probably aware of the massive bed bug problem across the USA and of the steps you should take to prevent these blood sucking pests hitching a ride back home with you from your vacation.

However, were you aware of the problems bed bugs can cause for your pets? Yup, your beloved pooch could suffer just as much from bed bugs bites as you and you family.

Don’t Bring Home Unwanted Guests

Bed bugs will feed on any warm blooded animal. Humans tend to be the favourite because the bugs prefer to feed from bodies which have little or no hair/fur. Your pets too have areas of skin which suit the bed bugs feeding needs making any type of pet – cat, dog, parrot, hamster an ideal source for a blood meal.bed bugs, pets and vacations

It should be said that unlike fleas etc. bed bugs won’t actually live on your pets but they can used them as a vehicle to get into your home so when checking for bed bugs don’t forget about your pets bedding and toys.

If you are staying in a hotel with your pet here are a few tips:

1. Thoroughly check the room for signs of bed bugs BEFORE you allow your pet in. See Eliminate Bed Bugs From Your Vacation

2. Situate your pets bedding in the bathroom where there is the least chance of bed bugs.

3. Thoroughly check you pets bedding before you leave and in the case of cats and dogs it would be wise to groom them well to check for hiding bugs.

4. Carrying a non toxic bed bug killer which you can spray your pets travel carrier with before you load it into your car may be worth consideration.

5. Launder your pets bedding and toys at high temperatures on your return.

REMEBER; Bud bug numbers are at their height during the months of July, August and September.

Don’t Bring Home Unwanted Guests



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