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Bed Bugs Cure – HELP I Need A Cure For Bed Bugs Now!

Looking for a bed bugs cure? Well, the sad fact is that neither bed bugs bites nor bed bugs infestations are easy to cure.

Take a bed bug bites cure, how can you cure the mad itching and horrid red welts which cover your skin?

Itchy Red Welts

Cure Your Bed Bug Infestation Today

The answer is you can’t – you can try various lotions and potions like calamine lotion and hydrocortisone cream which will ease the discomfort or you might want to get some oral antihistamine tablets from the drug store but basically it is a case of waiting for the rash to disappear in its own time. But of course, this isn’t going to happen until you find an effective bed bugs cure to rid your home of the infestation because until you do you will be bitten night after night!

Let’s put one myth to bed before we begin – bed bugs are not just rife in dirty homes, hotels, hostels etc. they don’t discriminate. These little vampires will happily hitch a ride in your luggage, clothing, purse – whatever, travel to your place and begin to breed whether it is spotless or disgusting. Remember they do not feed on dirt or crumbs they only feed on blood and they don’t care whose blood it is.

There are a few bed bugs cures around but the first step is always the same – DE-CLUTTER – get rid of everything that you don’t need such as news papers, books, magazines etc. WARNING, bed bugs live in all sorts of obscure places so don’t be tempted to just put this stuff straight into your garbage. You will end up spreading the infestation! You must put everything in plastic bags and seal them tight and do this within the room you are trying to cure of bed bugs.

Cure Your Bed Bug Infestation Today

The second important step is to remove all bedding, garments etc. which can be laundered.

Bed Bug Bites

Place these too in plastic bags, seal them and take them to be laundered at as high a temperature as possible perhaps using a product such as Benzarid. Items not suitable for laundering can be placed in a tumble dryer for around 10 minutes on a high heat. Don’t think that you only need worry about items lying around the room, bed bugs will find their way to hide in dark places so anything in drawers and closets too must be treated. You may also consider using a steam cleaner on business suits etc. Heat is one of the best bed bugs cures around!

The next step is to get out your vacuum cleaner and vacuum EVERYTHING, the mattress, the box spring, soft furnishings, inside drawers etc. You must check in even the most absurd places look inside alarm clocks, picture frames, smoke alarms and so on bed bugs are really good at climbing! Your vacuum will lift live bugs, nymphs and eggs so being very thorough and methodical at this stage is very important. Once again empty your vacuum immediately in the infested room, place the contents into plastic bags, seal them tightly and remove to the garbage.

What are your bed bugs cure options?

1. Steam – as I stated earlier heat is a fantastic bed bug cure but just turning up your heating is not an option! The heat must be instant and intense and the best tool for this is a steam cleaner. If you decide to use this as a bed bugs cure you will have to follow the same thorough and methodical route you have already taken with your vacuum cleaner – leave nothing untreated.

2. A bed bug spray – there are many of these on the market some are chemical based and can be toxic whilst others are completely natural and highly effective. One which I have personal experience of is Bed Bug Patrol Bed Bug Killer This stuff kills bed bugs on contact and can be sprayed around cracks and crevices, the bed frame and box spring. You can go to this step directly after vacuum cleaning the room or use it as a safety net having used a steam cleaner

3. Crawling Insect Dust which is also available in theBed Bug Patrol range is totally organic and completely safe (it is food grade) place this around cracks and crevices, carpets, furniture etc. This works by penetrating the waxy skin of the bed bugs and causing them to dehydrate. Thus is a relatively cheap and long lasting bed bugs cure and very effective when used in conjunction with a bed bug spray.

4. Bed Bug Traps – These are designed to catch bed bugs on the move. By placing these on bed posts or chair legs or other pieces or furniture round the room the bed bugs will become stuck as they try to reach their evening meal. These are great if you are worried about bed bugs when staying away from home!

Cure Your Bed Bug Infestation Today

I hope you find this insight in to bed bugs cures I have used and had success with helpful. What I found particularly useful was the packs of these products which supply everything you need for a successful bed bugs cure in one so check out the Bed Bug Busting Kits NOW!

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