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Tips and advice on the treatment of bed bugs

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Bed Bugs Bites – The Symptoms

Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures, i.e. they are active at night which is why they prey on their victims inflicting bed bugs bites as they sleep. They feed only on blood which they extract from individuals by piercing the skin and drawing blood up through an extra long beak like feature.

Bed Bugs Bites Symptoms

The rash and the itching are caused by an allergic reaction to the anticoagulant injected into the skin by the bug to allow blood to flow more readily allowing them to feed undetected – they will often feed for up to ten minutes at a time. After which they will crawl away their bodies bloated with blood. If they are squashed at this time they will easily pop leaving tell tale blood stains on bedding.

Kill Bed Bugs And Get Rid Of Bed Bug Bites

Bed Bug Engorged With Blood

Like other insect bites the symptoms of bed bugs bites don’t usually show straight away. It can take up to a week before the victim will begin to notice small red bumps or welts appearing on the skin. Bed bugs bites commonly appear in straight lines consisting of three bites unlike for example fleas or mosquitoes who will bite randomly. It is not uncommon however for doctors to misdiagnosed the bites as other skin conditions such as scabies.

Where Do They Appear?

The bed bugs bites are most likely appear on parts of the body which have been uncovered as the victim sleeps so the arms, legs, face and neck are often attacked. Should the skin become broken because of scratching there is a real risk of bacterial infection.

Bed Bugs Bites

Kill Bed Bugs And Get Rid Of Bed Bug Bites

Individuals react in different ways to the bites some – as many as 60% have little or no reaction at all. This in itself causes problems because it can often lead undetected infestations meaning they can be spread unwittingly. Others may have more severe reactions with intense burning and itching.

Bed Bugs Bites Cure?

There really is no cure for bed bugs bites other than topical creams or oral antihistamines to relieve the discomfort. The only way to free yourself of bites is to get rid of the little vampires from your home!

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