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Bed Bug Extermination – Do It Yourself!

Bed bug extermination can be far from an easy task, however, if you involve pest control experts it can also be a very costly task running into thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately any household can be infested with bed bugs at any time. No one really knows what has caused the massive increase in bed bugs and it is not only people with less than clean homes who are suffering at the hands of these blood sucking beasties.

It is possible to exterminate bed bugs yourself which although it will cost you in time and patience if successful, it can save you that large wad of cash.

Here is how to go about bed bug extermination the D.I.Y way!

There are a number of methods of bed bug extermination you might want to consider but which ever you choose the first vital step is to clear and clean the infested room from top to bottom. Remove all bed linen, clothing and clutter. Wash everything possible on a hot cycle in the washing machine – something like Benzarid can be added to your wash. Anything which cannot be washed can be put into a tumble dryer for ten minutes at a hot setting. One very important tip – anything which you are removing from the room should be sealed in a plastic bag to prevent the spread of bed bugs throughout the house. It is also important to check in the most obscure places for example lamp shades, clocks, picture frames, even smoke alarms – these pests can travel quite a distance! That done you can now decide how to tackle the bed bugs.

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Here are your DIY bed bug extermination options:-

1.Insecticides or Pesticides. This is an option but unless you are 100% sure of how to use these chemicals safely it is not one which is advisable. These chemicals are toxic and could be very harmful to your health and anyone else living in your house – including your pets. Another down side to such treatment is that bed bugs have become immune to the effects of quite a lot of these chemicals so whilst they may make you and your family ill the bed bugs may survive to suck your blood.

2.Vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner combination. This method although very laborious does work. Firstly you will have to use the vacuum cleaner on all the affected surfaces e.g. mattress, bed frame, box spring, curtains, carpets and other soft furnishings. The various tools on the vacuum cleaner are fantastic for getting into cracks and crevices. This should remove bugs, larvae and eggs. Once this is complete you can begin the whole process again with your steam cleaner. This part can take quite some time because to be truly effective the nozzle must be placed directly onto the surface and moved over it at a rate of around 30cm very 10-15 seconds. If done properly this should successfully exterminate any remaining bugs at all stages of growth.

It is worth mentioning that you will need a steam cleaning machine which can produce a high temperature and a low vapor output so that the surfaces you are treating do not end up really wet.

The big advantage with this method is that the heat will actually kill the eggs too. Insecticides cannot penetrate the outer casing which means these chemicals have to be sprayed more than once to ensure an effective bed bug extermination.

3. A vacuum cleaner and a non toxic bed bug spray. Again the use of the vacuum cleaner is key to getting rid of as many bed bugs, larvae and eggs as possible. Take extra care in the creases and wrinkles in the mattress and around buttons of soft furnishings. (Make sure that any waste from your vacuum cleaner is bagged and sealed tightly immediately after you finish.) Non toxic bed bug sprays can be very effective at bed bug extermination whilst eliminating the risks of using insecticides. Spray all the affected areas according to the manufacturers instructions.

There are a quite a few of these on the market, Bed Bug Patrols’s Bed Bug Killer Spray is one I would recommend from personal experience.

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There are other items in the  range which are also non toxic but highly effective.
crawling insect dust which is a completely natural product derived from crushing the fossils of fresh water organisms and other marine life. It is ideal for killing off any bed bugs which may have escaped the steam cleaner or vacuum. It works very simply, all you have to do is to spread a layer around the room, if bed bugs come into contact with the dust it will penetrate their waxy skin causing them to dehydrate and die.

Another product which is highly effective is bed bug traps. Bed bugs as you you may already know are attracted by the CO2 we breath out, if you place bed bug traps on chair legs and other furniture before they cannot reach you for their nightly feast, they become well and truly stuck. Allowing you to enjoy a good nights sleep and awake bite free.

All the  products can be purchased individually or as part of a kit which are designed to include everything you might need in your battle against bed bugs.

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  • admin

    Hi, I’m so sorry that bed bugs are driving you completely crazy – I was the same.
    It sounds as though you perhaps did kill of the bugs but perhaps missed some eggs which have now hatched, or perhaps yourself or your daughter have been somewhere and got re-infected or could a visitor have brought them back to your home? All of this could explain why you found more bed bugs.
    If I were you I would take a deep breath and begin the process of vacuuming and steam cleaning everything – including the sofa again. Make sure you get into every little corner and crack – you really need to kill off eggs as well, they look a bit like grains of rice and will usually be stuck to a surface. I know you said you ground up silica gel but it might be worth getting some bed bug dust and put a dusting around walls etc, You could also try a non toxic bed bug spray which will kill the bed bugs but not harm yourself or your family.

    Good luck!

  • verge of a breakdown

    I am suffering from an infestation. I am not sure where they keep coming from. I have encased all my matresses and pillows. Bagged all my belongings in sealed plastic. I have a select few items of clothing 2-3 days worth for myself and two children that I contine to launder daily. I vaccuum two to three times a day. Have steam cleaned everything once a week. I ground silica gel into a dust and sprinkled it under the carpet around every wall in my house, living room, dining room and two bedrooms. The very first bed bug I found was almost two months ago in the bath tub. And I hadn`t seen one in two weeks so I thought my nightmare was over until last night, when one crawled across me while sitting on the couch. Should I throw my furniture away? For the last 24 hrs I haven`t slept and feel like they are crawling over my entire body. I`m not sure how long I have had the infestation because none of us react to the bites. HELP!

  • admin

    Hi Karl

    If you look at the left hand margin you will find images of both the Bed Bug Patrol Super Pack and the Bed Bug Patrol Value pack

    Click on these links and you will find out everything you need to know about each pack.

  • karl stewart

    where do you find the bedbug killing kit and what does it include