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Bed Bugs Plague Students Off Campus Accommodation

Bed Bugs Make Off Campus Accommodation No Go!

Schools and colleges across the country will soon be settling down to work as the new academic year gets under way.

For college students moving away from home can be a little traumatic. In recent years however, there has been one bed bugs plague student accommodationadditional concern BED BUGS!

Thankfully, due to the increased awareness of the problem through the media and from information and advice given out by colleges themselves many students moving into on campus accommodation are taking precautions this year.

However, according to Professor Marc Lame, Clinical Professor and entomologist with the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University. The problem is not so prevalent in campus accommodation but instances of bed bug infestations tend to greatly increase within the student population who choose to live off campus.

The best defence against bed bugs is knowing exactly what to look for and where to look and checking all areas thoroughly before moving into any accommodation. Bed bugs love to hide out in any crack or small hole in walls, floors and even furniture – extra care must be taken if the student accommodation is ready furnished. Check inside and under drawers, furniture, behind lose wall paper – basically everywhere.

bed bugs in used furniture

Do Not Take Old Furniture From The Street

Make sure you ask your potential landlord about any previous bed bug problems and find out whether or not he is willing to pay for any future treatments which may be needed – this can be a bit of a mine field with some landlords willing to sort out problems of this nature and others not. It may even be worth the additional cost to have the place checked over by a pest control expert before moving in.

One other tip has to be no matter how tempting students should resist the temptation to take in furniture left sitting out in the street or in dumpsters. It may be there for a reason!

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