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Tips and advice on the treatment of bed bugs

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6 Tips For The Treatment Of Bed Bugs

Got bed bugs? If you do, we are here, ready to help. At Treatment for Bed Bugs we will provide you with all the information you need to prevent, detect and treat infestations of these tiny blood sucking pests in your home.

How To Recognise A Bed Bug;

Adults – measure about 1/4 inch in length and are brownish red in color, their bodies appear flat and oval shaped.

Nymphs – are smaller replicas of their parents but tend to be much lighter in color.

Eggs – often, likened in size, shape and color to a grain of rice.

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If you suspect you have bed bugs there are a few signs you can look for which should confirm your suspicions.

However, the first sign of an infestation is usually bites on your body when you wake. These itchy, red welts or bumps are caused by an allergic reaction which is triggered by the bugs saliva which contains an anticoagulant to allow your blood to flow more freely. The rash is most often found on parts of the body which have been exposed over night such as the arms, legs and face. Scratching may cause the skin to become broken and inflamed possibly leading to a bacterial skin infection which will require medical attention.

The only way to completely get rid of these bites is to use an effective treatment for bed bugs, before you can do that you have to establish whether or not you have an infestation.

Checking For Signs of Bed bugs:

signs of bed bugs

Signs of Bugs

1. Inspect your mattress in particular along seams, around buttons and handles and in creases.

2. Check the box spring (if you have one) any rips in fabric will make this an ideal hiding place, for them to live and breed. It also makes treatment for bed bugs more difficult.

3. Have a close look at sheets and other bedding.

4. Closely inspect cracks and crevices in walls, floors around window frames and door frames.

5. Our vampire friends are nocturnal i.e. they only come out at night and will often hide out in really obscure places during the day so check smoke alarms, clocks, behind picture frames, behind peeling wall paper etc.

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What are you looking for?

Quite simply you are looking for live bugs but more than likely you will find dark brown/black faecal marks, discarded skins which have been cast as bugs mature and grow and blood splats where bugs may have been squashed on bed linen.

In times gone by insecticides were used to kill these pests and they did so very successfully. However, such chemicals can be very toxic and harmful to health and in some cases the bugs began to build up resistance.

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Today, it is possible to get a complete successful treatment of bed bugs without the need for harmful insecticides.

Six Treatment For Bed Bugs Tips:

1. De-clutter the room, place unwanted items such as newspapers, books etc. in sealed plastic bags and dispose of them.

2. Place all bed linen, clothing etc. into plastic bags which you should seal tightly (to prevent the spread of the infestation) and remove to your laundry area. Launder everything possible at high temperatures and tumble dry again, at the highest temperature possible. Items unsuitable for laundering should be placed in your drier on a high heat for at least ten minutes. Items which cannot be treated in this may possibly be steam cleaned. All laundered items should be placed in clean, sealed plastic bags to prevent re-infestation.

3. Vacuum EVERYTHING, mattress, carpets, chairs, sofas, soft furnishings and furniture (inside and out.) Don’t forget to attack any cracks and crevices using the tools on your vacuum – it may also be wise to seal up any such areas. Empty your vacuum cleaner immediately whilst in the infested room. Seal the bag and dispose of it.

4. Retrace your steps using a steam cleaner. Instantaneous steam which reaches in the region of 120oC will kill bed bugs at all stages of development including eggs.

Vapamore Steam Cleaner

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5. Remember all the obscure places the bugs like to hide in during the day – alarm clocks, electrical switches and so on.

6. Finally, you may want to consider the use of a non toxic spray, fossil shell dust or traps as an additional treatment for bed bugs.

This treatment for bed bugs does work, however it is hard work and may take more than one attempt.

Get D.I.Y Bed Bug Treatments That Work

N.B. If your infestation is particularly large or wide spread you may have no alternative but to bring in professional pest control experts.

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    Hi Ruben,

    If your friends room has an infestation of bed bugs there is every possibility that they will hitch a ride back to your place in your clothing, bags and even in electronic devices such as laptops.
    It is important that the problem is dealt with quickly as these little buggers spread quickly. If you can avoid visiting your friends place until it is clear.