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Tips and advice on the treatment of bed bugs

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6 Tips For The Treatment Of Bed Bugs

Got bed bugs? If you do, we are here, ready to help. At Treatment for Bed Bugs we will provide you with all the information you need to prevent, detect and treat infestations of these tiny blood sucking pests in your home.

How To Recognise A Bed Bug;

Adults – measure about 1/4 inch in length and are brownish red in color, their bodies appear flat and oval shaped.

Nymphs – are smaller replicas of their parents but tend to be much lighter in color.

Eggs – often, likened in size, shape and color to a grain of rice.

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If you suspect you have bed bugs there are a few signs you can look for which should confirm your suspicions.

However, the first sign of an infestation is usually bites on your body when you wake. These itchy, red welts or bumps are caused by an allergic reaction which is triggered by the bugs saliva which contains an anticoagulant to allow your blood to flow more freely. The rash is most often found on parts of the body which have been exposed over night such as the arms, legs and face. Scratching may cause the skin to become broken and inflamed possibly leading to a bacterial skin infection which will require medical attention.

The only way to completely get rid of these bites is to use an effective treatment for bed bugs, before you can do that you have to establish whether or not you have an infestation.

Checking For Signs of Bed bugs:

signs of bed bugs

Signs of Bugs

1. Inspect your mattress in particular along seams, around buttons and handles and in creases.

2. Check the box spring (if you have one) any rips in fabric will make this an ideal hiding place, for them to live and breed. It also makes treatment for bed bugs more difficult.

3. Have a close look at sheets and other bedding.

4. Closely inspect cracks and crevices in walls, floors around window frames and door frames.

5. Our vampire friends are nocturnal i.e. they only come out at night and will often hide out in really obscure places during the day so check smoke alarms, clocks, behind picture frames, behind peeling wall paper etc.

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What are you looking for?

Quite simply you are looking for live bugs but more than likely you will find dark brown/black faecal marks, discarded skins which have been cast as bugs mature and grow and blood splats where bugs may have been squashed on bed linen.

In times gone by insecticides were used to kill these pests and they did so very successfully. However, such chemicals can be very toxic and harmful to health and in some cases the bugs began to build up resistance.

Read  – Signs Of Bed Bugs – Know What To Look For

Today, it is possible to get a complete successful treatment of bed bugs without the need for harmful insecticides.

Six Treatment For Bed Bugs Tips:

1. De-clutter the room, place unwanted items such as newspapers, books etc. in sealed plastic bags and dispose of them.

2. Place all bed linen, clothing etc. into plastic bags which you should seal tightly (to prevent the spread of the infestation) and remove to your laundry area. Launder everything possible at high temperatures and tumble dry again, at the highest temperature possible. Items unsuitable for laundering should be placed in your drier on a high heat for at least ten minutes. Items which cannot be treated in this may possibly be steam cleaned. All laundered items should be placed in clean, sealed plastic bags to prevent re-infestation.

3. Vacuum EVERYTHING, mattress, carpets, chairs, sofas, soft furnishings and furniture (inside and out.) Don’t forget to attack any cracks and crevices using the tools on your vacuum – it may also be wise to seal up any such areas. Empty your vacuum cleaner immediately whilst in the infested room. Seal the bag and dispose of it.

4. Retrace your steps using a steam cleaner. Instantaneous steam which reaches in the region of 120oC will kill bed bugs at all stages of development including eggs.

Vapamore Steam Cleaner

Take a look at: Kill Bed Bugs With Steam For A Step By Step Guide

5. Remember all the obscure places the bugs like to hide in during the day – alarm clocks, electrical switches and so on.

6. Finally, you may want to consider the use of a non toxic spray, fossil shell dust or traps as an additional treatment for bed bugs.

This treatment for bed bugs does work, however it is hard work and may take more than one attempt.

Get D.I.Y Bed Bug Treatments That Work

N.B. If your infestation is particularly large or wide spread you may have no alternative but to bring in professional pest control experts.

bed bugs

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  • admin

    Hi Jessy,

    You will not necessarily spot adult bed bugs – they are really good at hiding! When you check your bed and bed linen the first thing to look for are blood spots on sheets and the mattress. These occur when a bed bug has had its fill of blood then gets popped because you have squished it! The second thing to look for is small dark brown/black marks – these can be in the folds and creases in the mattress, along the bottom of your headboard, around buttons or handles. If you use a damp cloth to wipe these marks and they smear you definitely have bed bug poo, so bed bugs must be somewhere. Next you could check for bed bug skins which have been cast and bed bug eggs which look like grains of rice and will be attached firmly to the areas mentioned above.

    If you find any of these signs it is important you start treatment ASAP. Read my article How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs – DIY

    Good Luck!

  • jessy

    hello, my and my husband have been getting some bug bites for about a week or 2 now and its definitely when we go to bed! i have checked our mattress and cannot seem to spot any bugs! what could this be? its so frustrating!

  • admin

    Hi Hasan,

    Bed bugs can be a real bugger to get rid of. You say you put all your furniture on your balcony and cleaned the house did you also clean and treat your sofa, bed etc.

    The best thing to do is once again clean EVERYTHING by this I mean your mattress, sofa, bed linen, soft furnishings.

    Launder everything possible at as high a temperature as the fabrics will allow, use the tumble drier on a high setting for anything which cannot be laundered. Anything you don’t need bag up in sealed plastic bags and dispose of it.

    I think your problem has been that using Raid powder you have been no doubt killing the adult bugs but not the eggs so, more bugs are coming out for food. The best and least toxic way to tackle bed bugs at all levels of development is to follow these steps.

    1. Vacuum everything, carpets, mattress, sofa (if your sofa has covers which unzip and come off it might be worth doing this and either laundering or putting in a hot tumble drier) make sure you get into any cracks and crevices in walls and floors. Check all the obscure places you can think of – picture frames, smoke alarms, telephones, electrical sockets etc. Be sure to empty your vacuum as soon as you finish into a plastic bag, seal in and bin it.

    2. Use a good steam cleaner and repeat the whole process (if you don’t want to buy a steam cleaner you can rent one) in a methodical way. Steam is the one thing you can be sure will kill bed bug eggs. Make sure you get one which reached high temperatures quickly.

    3. If you feel the need to you can always use something like fossil shell dust or a non toxic bed bug spray as an added insurance policy.

    This whole process is time consuming and you may still have to carry it out more than once but it does work. Honest!

  • Hasan Ali

    Thanx for sharing. A one month ago one of mine close friend visited my home with his laptop, and he spent an whole night at my place, as the next day I found an bed bug doing jogging at my sofa seat. So I knew that its an bed bug, I wrapped the bugs in tissue and threw away, so I didn’t care much about this. Next week again the same friend visited with his laptop at my house and he spend an whole night at my place, after an few days I feel like something biting me as my whole night went terribble, I didn’t slept whole night, so I have kept my all sofa, my bed, mattress kept at my balcony, and cleaned my whole house I follow these step twice and thrice and sprayed Raid Powder every where at my house. But seem to be nothing working for me, Today its more than one months as I m facing this monster, I tried everything but I didn’t got an rid from this bloody bugs, I spend around 25 bucks on insecticide, nothing working for me. Please help me out with this situation. Sorry my comment went too long.

  • admin

    Hi Yessica,

    Sorry you are having such a rotten time with bed bugs.

    Did the pest control company treat the whole house/apartment?

    If they only did your bedroom I suspect that the bed bugs may have spread to your living room also.

    If you can, get the pest control experts back but if you did not move all the books you mention you have in the bedroom before the treatment there is every possibility that they did not get all the eggs, nymphs and adult bugs.

    You are going to have to totally de-clutter, my only suggestion for the books would be to try wrapping them in sealed plastic bags. Alternatively, they will have to leave the comfort of your books to eat so you might want to put a dusting of fossil shell dust on the floor.

    If I were you I would clear the room (bagging and sealing everything tightly as you go) then vacuum everything, launder everything you can at as high a temperature as you can, then steam clean the whole room using a steam cleaner. You can use a non toxic bed bug spray as well as a sort of insurance policy. I would not stop at the bedroom either, systematically work through the whole house – remember to be extremely careful not to transfer bugs from one room to another.

  • Yessica

    Its been a month that we went for vacation to San Francisco. unfortunetly , me and and my fiance brought stupid bed bug with us. Before that we both have never expericened or seen bed bugs. we couldn’t sleep all night due to the bites all this time we thought that we have some kind of allergies. After 2 weeks i found a small bug running on my blanket. we did research and found that it was a bed bug :(. i brought the RAID same day and sprayed on my bed and we both slept on our living room. we still got bitten by bed bugs. So we got a professional help from a company last thrusday and today is Saturday and we still get a bite .. IS that normal? we have dryied all our cloth amd put in a plastic bags and kept in living room. does it gonna get infected? we have piles of book in our bed room we cannot throw them my fiance need it.. what shud i do with those books?
    Sorry its a long comments but i am so stressed out.. I am a full time student and server.. I am so so worried abt this bed bugs ruining my sleeps..
    thanks plz help me out

  • admin

    Hi Maria,

    It certainly looks like you have brought some unwelcome guests home with you. You could certainly try wrapping the chair in plastic and putting it outside in the sun alternatively you might consider using a steam cleaner (if you don’t want to buy one of these you should be able to hire one fairly cheaply) Completely de-clutter your room and get rid of anything you don’t need or want then vacuum EVERYTHING then use a steam cleaner following the same route then as an insurance policy spray with a good non toxic bed bug spray. You could also try fossil shell dust, a light dusting of this on carpets etc. will kill any bugs you might have missed.

    To be on the safe side I would treat the whole house again and remain vigilant.

    Did you check any items you had with you other than your clothes? Make sure you check purses, bags etc. as well.


  • Maria

    I clean condos and just found bedbugs in one of them. We threw out all the bedding, and they are having the unit professionally heat treated. When I came home I threw my clothes straight in the drier in case any hitch hikers came with me. I had to go back to let the exterminator in for an estimate and I didn’t touch anything, so when came home it didn’t cross my mind to put the clothes in the drier right away. I sat in my recliner chair all evening. I hardly slept because I kept waking up paranoid there were bugs crawling on me. The next day I vacuumed the recliner chair and the whole house out of paranoia. All day I felt like things were crawling on me, but was sure it was just paranoia. That night I was sitting in the recliner and again felt something crawling and when I looked there was a bite. Tonight same thing and 2 more bites. So now I am afraid I really did bring one home with me! I have inspected the chair over and over and can’t find anything but there are lots of places to hide in a recliner. So saying there really is a bed bug(s) in the chair, if I put it outside wrapped in black trash bags will it really get hot enough to kill them? The avg temp here is in the mid 80’s, with very strong direct sunlight. What else should I do to prevent them from spreading (if it hasn’t already in 2 days). The chair sits on carpet. Sorry this comment was so long, but I am freaking out that they will spread and infest everything and I can’t afford that heat treatment. Thanks!!

  • admin

    Hi Rachel,

    If you have visually checked your son’s mattress and there were no signs of bed bugs you should be OK. As a precaution you could vacuum the mattress thoroughly and then use a steam cleaner on it which will kill off bed bugs at all stages of development, (you don’t want to use chemicals around babies) I’m also pretty sure that you can buy mattress covers to fit this size. Make sure you clean and treat everything you are taking to your new home thoroughly before you take it into your new place. I would also have a good look round any cracks and crevices etc. in your new place – just as an insurance policy!
    The bed bugs you have now probably have not come from your mattress if it has been sealed for a couple of years because they will only survive for a year without food.

    I hope you will be happy and bed bug free in your new home!

  • rachel

    Hi, im moving soon n i was planning on throwing my mattress away since a couple of yrs ago i had bedbugs n the exterminators sealed my mattress but with time the plastic sealed ripped now i have bedbugs again i threw my mattress out but i want 2 save my sons cribb i checked 4 any bug poop n there isnt any but i kno they multiply fast n hide well is it safe 2 take the cribb? i kno the clothes can b washed im just worried about my cribb n tables please help

  • admin

    I’m sorry, I don’t really know which tablets you are referring to.
    Check out by article How to Kill Bed Bugs – 5 Simple Steps

    Hope this helps

  • admin

    Firstly, if it was only one bed bug there may not be any need to panic. Certainly putting clothing in a tumble dryer on a high heat will kill off any other bugs.

    Check bags and suitcases carefully – preferably not in the house clean them (if at all possible) using disinfectant then spray them with a bed bug killer or wrap them in plastic and sit them out doors if it is a hot day. The second place you need to check carefully is the room where the bags were unpacked and the laundry area.

    Vacuum regularly getting into every crack and crevice, inspect your bedding and mattress too look for small blood smears or tiny brownish marks which smear when wiped with a damp cloth (this is bed bug poo). You might want to consider using a dusting of fossil shell dust on floors etc as an insurance policy as this will kill bed bugs on contact.

    Vigilance is your best option right now – you might never see another bed bug – lets hope

  • anand

    Recently two month back, high dose tablets were kept for killing bed bugs with fully sealed. for 24 hrs. Though i found bed bugs in my home. any other solution please suggest?

  • Amanda

    My boyfriend’s son just came back from camp. We just did his laundry and when we were folding it at home. We saw a bed bug! We had just wash and dried everything. I guess we need to at least dry everything on high again and inspect the house. My son’s mother is freaking out saying she wants us to buy all new luggage. I hope that is not necessary. What do you recommend? Thanks!

  • admin

    Hi Amanda,

    Yes, rubbing alcohol will kill bed bugs on contact however, it will evaporate quickly so will not remain on the surface for long to kill additional bugs. If you are going to use alcohol you will have to re-re-apply continually. Best to launder everything you can at as high a temperature as you can, de-clutter and dispose of unwanted items in sealed plastic bags then systematically vacuum the whole apartment – I mean beds, furniture, soft furniture along baseboards, get into every corner! (be sure to get rid of the vacuum bag immediately and seal it in a plastic bag) Then if you can repeat the whole process using a good high temperature, low vapor steam cleaner (if you don’t want to buy one I’m sure you could hire one) then as an insurance policy use a good non toxic bed bug spray or some fossil shell dust.

  • Amanda Fagundo

    My little sister has welt size bites on her arms and legs. I have sprayed my whole apartment with alcohol. Will this help a little bit??

  • admin

    There is always the possibility that there will be the odd adult bed bug or even the odd bed bug egg (which will hatch) left behind by any extermination. You could get something like fossil shell dust which you can sprinkle around any cracks and crevices, along your bed frame etc. If your mattress is not in such good condition it can be difficult to treat bed bugs inside it so maybe a mattress encasement would work, or just have a good bed bug spray at the ready. However, due to the fact that you have paid good money to have your infestation sorted call the company and insist they come back if you continue to be bitten!

    Hope this is helpful!

  • irena

    Had the professionals come Monday and treat ,.. I have three new bites on Wednesday??? What should I do?

  • admin

    Thanks for sharing!

  • andrea

    yes yes bed bugs do go in hair( pillows and beds
    go togother right! anyways went to the hospital for some unknown infection for 9days with
    104 fever 2 blood sugar 4 days later the doctor
    suggested I used NIX cream rinse brought over the count er used it ,blow dryed my hair and 6 to
    7 fell in the bathroom sink died they were about
    7days old the doctor confirmed it sorry to tell you buy the NIX CREME RINSE at the pramacy

  • admin

    Hi Lori,

    Sorry to hear your child is suffering so much at the hands of bed bugs.

    Your plan might just do the trick. What about the child’s mattress? – you said you had gotten rid of yours.
    If it is in good condition I would buy a bed bug proof mattress encasement which will prevent more bugs getting in and keep any bugs which are inside from biting and they will eventually die. I would still be very careful when you come to remove your belongings from the storage unit – in case there are bed bug eggs which have been left unaffected by your bug bomb and may hatch in your new place.
    Vacuum everything thoroughly and launder all your clothing at as high a temperature as fabrics will withstand. If possible use a steam cleaner once you have vacuumed all of your remaining soft furnishings, I would also use a good bed bug spray as an insurance policy. As for your child’s toys – hard plastic items will be fine – I’d give them a wash with disinfectant – but soft, cuddly toys may not be. If you can launder these I would do it – if not try a steam cleaner otherwise it may be safest to discard them.

    Hope this helps!

  • lori

    i have a bed bug problem at my apt complex which is “being treated” but my 2 year old is still getting bites head to toe!! i am going to just move but i want to know what i should and should’nt bring with … i have already thrown away my bed and couches, and i got a storage unit which is out doors and living in phoenix it gets really hot so i am going to leave everything else in there for a few weeks with the heat and throw some bed bug bombs i got from wal-mart in there too….do you think this will get rid of whatever might be in the rest of my belongings??? like my children’s toys and stuff?? errrrr this is driving me nuts!!

  • admin

    Just be careful not to end up with an infestation in your car!

  • TJ

    Before bringing luggage home, I would keepit in a car for a day or two. Try to park the car in sunny spots so temperature gets really high. Wash clothes in hot water and dry at high temp. For rest of items bag them and keep in a car for a few days, or inspect very well before bringing inside. I hope this helps.

  • admin

    Firstly she should check EVERYTHING carefully before leaving the hotel and if possible place it in sealed plastic bags. On arrival it is probably best not to take baggage into the house until it has been thoroughly checked and treated with a bed bug killer.

    Take the sealed plastic bags to the laundry area and launder everything at as high a temperature as fabrics will allow. For items which cannot be laundered put them in a tumble dryer on a high setting for around 10 minutes or use a steam cleaner on them. Make sure you clean and disinfect all surfaces after you are done – it only takes one stray bed bug to cause an infestation.

    It may help to read my article Bed Bugs In Hotels – Travellers Beware!

  • admin

    Hi Allisha,

    Hopefully you have caught this infestation early. Firstly talk to your boyfriends landlord – he may get professional exterminators in who will assess the extent of the infestation and treat accordingly. If not read my article Bed Bug Extermination – Do It Yourself which will explain what you need to do and give you some idea of the products available.

    As for not taking them home with you, check every item of clothing, bags, purses etc carefully whilst at the flat. Place all clothing in sealed plastic bags and do not re-open them until you get home and can launder them at as high a temperature as fabrics will allow.

    I honestly haven’t heard of bed bugs living in hair but they do climb and travel so placing your belongings on a high shelf really might not do much good , particularly in it is in a dark closet where bed bugs might hide out during daylight hours.

    Fumigation is usually a last resort of the infestation is major and would undoubtedly mean your boyfriend leaving his flat for a few days.

    I hope this helps.

  • Allisha

    Hi there, I suspect bedbugs in my boyfriends apartment. I spotted the first one crawling across me about a week ago while I was sitting in a chair in his livingroom. (GROSS!) We squished it thinking it was something else and it had blood inside it. Then we found the second one tonight crawling across the bed. Ontop of the sheet. Which I think may have been transferd from me laying on the couch. We trapped it inside a container and are showing it to his landlord tomorrow. I haven’t noticed any bites yet, I am worried about my clothing and belongings getting infested so I have hidden them up ontop of a high shelf far from the ground. What should I do to prevent myself from bringing these back home to my house? Can Bed Bugs live in hair? I cannot sleep now because I am so paranoid of something crawling on me in the night. How long does it take to fully fumigate an apartment? Please help!!

  • Woodrow

    My girlfriend is returning tomorrow from a trip to South Florida. A hotel she stayed in had bed bugs in one of the beds. (2 bed room) The bed she sleeped in had no signs of bed bugs. What can we do for luggage once she returns home to ensure she doesnt bring these bugs home?

  • admin

    Hi, TJ

    Take a look on the McCulloch and Wagner steam cleaner models seem popular and there is quite a price range. Remember you want one which has a low vapor flow -so you don’t make everything really wet but which can reach a high enough temperature, around 450oC to kill the eggs, nymphs and adult bug. You’ll find a link on my site to Amazon’s steam cleaners.
    If you don’t find anything there try eBay you can usually pick up a bargain there!

    Good Luck!

  • TJ

    Thans for your suggestion. I actually used a steam cleaner, which I happened to have. But it is one of those very inexpensive ones, and I have to stop very often (say every 10 sec or so), so I consider to purchase a better one. I hope to find one for under $100. Any recommendation would be appreciated!

  • admin

    Hi, TJ

    If you were bed bug free for 2 weeks you must have done something right. If you are just getting a few bites I would repeat the process with your carpet and if possible extend it to include soft furnishings etc as well, then put down more diatomaceous earth. It may be that you didn’t get rid of all the bed bug eggs first time round and the young have now emerged are are looking for food.
    Getting rid of bed bugs completely can often take more than one treatment!
    Have you considered using a steam cleaner? This is a fantastic way to kill bed bugs at all stages of development. Read my article Kill Bed Bugs With Steam

  • TJ

    I suspect bedbugs in my home. First bites occurred about 6 weeks ago. I tried carpet cleaning, diatomaceous earth and mattress and box spring encasement. I was bite free for 2 weeks, but I am getting a few bites again (reaction is not as bad as before though). I am debating whether I should use an exterminator. But I’m not sure if it worth the money (what if I catch again a few month after a professional…) treatment)

  • admin

    Hi Bob,
    Its really great that you are willing to help a friend in need! However, I do understand your concerns about getting you truck and home infested with bed bugs in the process.
    If I were you I would take a change of clothing with me. The clothing you wear whilst helping your friend should be removed, closely inspected then placed in tightly sealed plastic bags. If you are helping out more than once then you could probably re-use these clothes. Once you get them home wash these items in as hot a wash as the fabric will withstand or even better if you can afford to put them straight into the trash! Make sure the clothing you take with you is also in sealed bags and ensure that it is taken nowhere near the mobile home. Avoid taking any belongings with you into your friends mobile home like bags etc. – leave them locked away in your truck. Don’t forget to check shoes etc. bed bugs will hitch a ride anywhere.
    One last thing if you are transporting anything from your friends place in your truck, make sure it too is in tightly sealed plastic bags. Once home I would vacuum the inside of the truck thoroughly and use some kind of bed bug spray – just to be safe. However, I would say if possible avoid using your truck in this way.

  • Bob

    A retired Disabled (broke) Friend has asked me to aid him in treating his (very cluttered ) Mobile home for a known BB problem. My concern is transporting BBs back to our home. I will have to drive from his place to ours so I assume my truck willl be in danger also…. Any suggestions

  • Allergy Luxe

    Have you heard about the new strain of bed bugs that can carry staph infection? By they way your website is an excellent source for information on bed bugs. I have referenced it several times. Thanks for the great info!

  • admin

    If you have now discovered bites I would carry out a thorough check of the apartment read my article Signs of Bed Bugs – Know What To look For

  • N

    Thank you for that! I actually have noticed bites this morning, but I’m not sure if they’re mosquito or bedbug bites. I guess I’ll just keep an eye out for any wanderers.

  • admin


    It could be that you have both been somewhere that there are bed bugs and brought a stray or two back to your apartments in your clothing, bags, laptops etc.
    It might be wise to mention to mutual friends that you have had the odd bed bug and possibly encourage them to check out their apartments. (not easy to do I know!) Also if I were you I would thoroughly check clothing, bags etc. before entering your apartment, you may have been lucky up until now so staying vigilant will hopefully keep things bed bug free!

  • N

    Last week, my roommate found two stray bedbugs in her room, but no bites, no signs of infestation anywhere in the apartment. Tonight, I found one stray bedbug in my room, I’ve checked my mattress as I so often do, and I’ve found nothing. An exterminator came a few days ago and checked for us, but he didn’t see anything either. Any idea what’s going on? This is causing us mental anguish.

  • admin

    Hi Amy,

    From what I can gather the success rate of fumigation using Vikane gas is really good – provided you are careful to avoid re-infestation.
    I found an article on a site called Dow AgroSciences read it HERE

    Good luck with the move!

  • Amy

    Hi, I am moving in 2 weeks and I am planning to have my belongings fumigated in a chamber with Vikane. What do you think is the success rate? Thank you!

  • admin

    Watch this Video from CBS News that had the skin of Americans everywhere crawling on Sunday morning!

    “Bed Bugs Are Like Vampires”

  • admin

    Hi Erica,

    Sorry to hear you are having such a miserable time. The product you are using obviously is doing some good if you get relief for a few days. However, you are perhaps only killing the adult bugs leaving the eggs behind to hatch, or perhaps you are somehow bringing bugs back into the apartment (they can be a problem on public transport etc.)

    To make sure you get rid of eggs, nymphs and adult bugs it is a good idea to thoroughly vacuum the entire area which is infested, including furniture, soft furnishing, carpets, mattresses box springs and so on. Then if you can get a steam cleaner and follow the same path, then use your spray.

    Read my article How To Kill Bed Bugs – 5 Simple Steps

    Good luck!

  • Erica

    hi! This hole apartment building I live in has bed bugs and my landlord wont do anything about it, I guess you could call her a slumlord. In my apartment I’ve only seen like one or 2 at a time. but i have many bites does that mean i have alot of them in here? I mean I live in 4 buiding complex. We use Hot Shot flea and Bed bug is that good enough ?I spray every other week. When we spray we will go days without nothing then like a week later someone will get bit. whatelse can we do.

  • admin

    Hi, John
    Any dead bed bug has to be a good sign. It would be wise to be vigilant for a couple of weeks and perhaps vacuum your property regularly and thoroughly as an extra insurance policy.
    As for your mattress, if it is fairly old and perhaps has holes in the fabric etc. it may be difficult to treat if the bugs are inside so it might be a wise move to get rid of it. Alternatively if it is in good condition you might want to consider purchasing a bed bug proof mattress cover. This will prevent bugs getting into your mattress and any which are inside from getting out to bite you as you sleep (you can get these covers for the box spring too.) However, keep in mind that bed bugs can survive for around a year without a meal so the covers would have to be a long term thing.

    I hope you are bed bug free!

  • John

    I just had my house professionally sprayed for BB, The company cameback today and sprayed agin. I have found 2 dead ones in the bed room and 1 in the restroom. Is this typical of a large infestation? or can you gauge it this way? Also would you reccomend getting rid of the mattress?

  • admin

    Hi Stella,

    When it comes to buying second hand furniture you are right to be cautious. Bed bugs can survive without a meal for about a year so I would say it is very unlikely that putting the furniture in storage wrapped in plastic would do much good.
    The best thing to do is thoroughly check each piece of furniture visually, make sure you literally take it apart! Check for live bugs, eggs (which look like grains of rice) and black spots (faecal matter) If you are thinking of buying second hand upholstered furniture inspect closely along seam lines, around buttons, folds in the fabric or other decorative features. You can of course vacuum and steam clean such items thoroughly BEFORE taking them into your home however, if you discover any rips in the fabric of the item I would tend to steer clear altogether.

    Hope this helps!

  • Stella

    I am currently buying some second hand furniture and don’t want to inherit bed bugs. If you wrap furniture in plastic and put it in storage for a couple of months, would any bed bugs die out?

  • admin

    Hi Jonathan,

    Bed bugs do travel so it is possible that they have come into your apartment form else where in the building somehow. Covering your mattress etc is a good first step but you need to get rid of the others otherwise the infestation will just get worse. By the way, the odor you mention doesn’t have to be dead bed bug – bed bugs do give off a sweet horrid smell often likened to rotting raspberries.

    To get rid of them you have a couple of options – you could as your landlord if it is possible to have your apartment fumigated now or you can try a bit of bed bug DIY. Check out a couple of my articles such as Kill Bed Bugs with Steam

    I used this method and it worked for me – Good Luck!

    PS You can rent a steam cleaner if you don’t want to buy one!

  • Jonathan

    For the past few weeks I’ve noticed a bed bug infestation in my apartment. About a month ago the building was fumigated but I declined the offer for my apartment because of time constraints. Is it possible that the bed bugs spread from another tenants apartment? I’ve covered my mattress and box spring with covers which have worked to prevent bites. But, I’ve seen the bugs on my floor and chair. Any suggestions on stoping the bed bugs across the room? Also, my bedroom has begun to have a very strong smell of a dead bed bug. Is this a bad sign?
    Thanks for your help

  • admin


    It is very possible that your boyfriend has been bitten by bed bugs.
    The reason you are bite free is that you are one of the luck ones! The itchy red welts and bites are caused by a reaction the body has to the anticoagulant that the bugs inject to keep your blood flowing freely. Reactions vary from person to person with a few having severe reactions, others like yourself have no reaction what- so- ever. In many instances this is why bed bug infestations can become completely out of control without the home owner realizing they are even there!

  • Taylor

    Hi I’m writing because me and my boyfriend recently stayed the night at a friends house and we slept in the living room.. The next day he had red bumps all over, and we think it’s bed bug.. but I didn’t get any of these bumps and we slept right next to each other.. Why would this be? and if it is bed bugs, do the bumps spread?

  • admin

    Hi there,
    Sorry to hear you are being bitten so badly by bed bugs. Firstly, let me reassure you that bed bugs have not been linked to the spread of any kind of disease. If the bites you have suffered are causing you distress you could try getting some oral antihistamine pills or a hydrocortisone cream from the drug store. If they become infected or you find you are having a severe reaction I would advise you seek medical advise.

    Secondly the only way to cure your bed bug bites is to get rid of the bed bugs. If you have a look at some of my articles you will find suggestions on how to do this – the best way is using a vacuum cleaner, followed by a steam cleaner then as an insurance policy something like Bed Bug Patrol. This is the method I used and had success with.

    I hope you get rid of them soon. If I can be of any more help let me know.

  • pragnyua

    its really horrrible sitution for me…in ma rum i m nt at all able to sleep/…they r bitin like anything as if i have taken deir bloods and they r taking it bak….so will i suffer from any diseases,…coz in ma hands and some other places in ma body they have bite an d that have swollen…so plz tell me how to get rid of it…and is dis harm ful for me????

  • admin

    Yes, it is possible for bed bugs to be spread using people as a method of transport. They may be hiding out in clothing, in luggage, laptop cases anything really. There are instances of kids taking bed bugs into schools in clothing and bags!

    I would urge your friend to either get professional help, or take some action as suggested on this site otherwise he could end up with a really BIG problem which isn’t easy to eradicate.

  • kimshendo

    My friend just realized he had bed bugs in his home. He is not taking this seriously enough for my liking! The day he found out he attended a birthday party. I was wondering is he supposed to be around ppl in groups before he gets this taken care of? Can’t he be spreading these nasty little bugs to everyone else? Help!

  • admin

    This is probably true – no seams or buttons etc which is where bed bugs love to hang out!

  • Mattress Specialist

    I found that a hygienic mattress is the best deterrent for bed bugs. Quality memory foam mattresses are scientifically treated with anti allergic and hygienic sprays. Spring mattresses are an inviting place for bed bugs to gather and reproduce.

  • admin

    Before you can even think about getting rid of the bugs you have to get rid of all that clutter. Bag it, seal it and bin it! To be honest I think the chair etc may be beyond saving but you could try vacuuming then steam cleaning and also using a spray like Bed Bug Patrol you could also try the fossil shell dust or bed bug traps.

    If the infestation is as extensive as it looks perhaps professional help is needed. Click on the ads on this site to find a bed bug exterminator in your area.

  • George Cutting

    what would i need to get rid of the bed bugs in the video @

  • admin

    Hi Brendan,

    Unfortunately, leaving the heating on won’t get rid of your bed bugs, it might slow them down a bit but that is all. If you want to use heat to kill the bed bugs you will need to use a steam cleaner. Read my article it will give you a step by step guide.
    That said, if your infestation is in more than one room you may need professional help, again if you click on button marked “find an exterminator” enter your zip code and you should get a list of bed bug exterminators for your local area, alternatively contact your landlord (if you have one.)

    Hope this helps!

  • Brendan

    It seems that bed bugs have infested my couches(2), and all the beds in the house (three).

    Ive constantly tried to get rid of them, we left the heater on all day yesterday and it was hot outside, unfortunately, it was not enough to kill them all, and my dad is gonna get a bomb next month, but I am wondering if there are still any alternatives

  • admin

    I think it was maybe a single stray bug which came in on clothing or something.
    Here’s to staying bed bug free!

  • Kathy

    Hi back ,

    So far we have not been bitten , no marks of any kind . Thank God .
    Yes indeed I also check on the floor , furniture , my eyes are open non stop looking for those suckers . I believe this was just an accident .
    Yes I rather by one of those non toxic items and I just bought a steamer , and treat it my self before I get all those toxins in my place . In case there are a lot more I can always bring the exterminator in my home to do his job . I also do random night checks before I go to bed like suddenly I turn the light in any room – so far no creatures .
    But I am really thankful for your response .
    Thanks again

  • admin

    Bed bugs travel, and right now they seem to be everywhere. Kids are taking them into schools, they are on tubes, buses, even planes.

    It is possible that they have found a way to get from your neighbours apartment to yours, and yes your dog may have brought them in. On the other hand it may be that someone visiting or even you yourself have brought them home in clothing, bags or luggage.

    You don’t have to throw everything away, and yes you can treat the problem yourself – if you read my article How to Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Naturally or How to Kill bed bugs with Steam it will take you through the steps you need to follow. The product I recommend and sell through my site Bed Bug Patrol is 100% natural and believe me when I say it really does work. I have used it myself (which is how I came to sell it!)

  • admin

    You are right when you say that finding a bed bug out and about in day light is a bit unusual. I would have thought that the exterminator would have carried out an inspection of your property before deciding a treatment is necessary.
    Have you or your daughter been bitten?
    When checking for bed bugs it is important not to just check the bed. Bed bugs will hid out in strange places like electrical switches, alarm clocks, picture frames, in closets,furniture etc. Look out for black marks around any cracks or crevices in walls and floors – they will leave poo behind!

    I would request that a full inspection is done before this treatment is carried out because it sounds a bit drastic if you have only discovered one bed bug.
    Chemical treatments are effective but can cause health problems which is most likely why you will be unable to return to the property for 3 hours – until the chemicals have dried.

    Good luck!

  • Kathy

    Hello there ,
    Okay my question is this
    2 weeks ago I have found one bed bug on my daughter’s bed . On “TOP” of the cover walking around , day time around 2 pm . Unusual for those creatures right? Well ever since I have checked our bed , my daughters bed , furnitures , floor , etc. My landlord send an exterminator , he basically came in heard my story and said “OH you need a treatment ”
    Do I really need one , he didn’t seems to care enough to check for some infestation .
    Oh did I mention I am a little paranoid when it comes to bugs of any kinds in my house .
    Please tell me your opinion , it wil be greatly appreciated . How dangerous are those treatments ? They said it will take between 2-3 hrs to treat it and then we have to be out of the house for another 3 hrs .

  • Heather

    yes…i have noticed that ever since my neighbors that has moved out of my apartments that i have bed bugs…the only problem is that i nor my old neighbor has ever stepped foot inside each others apartments….my landlord left the windows open to the apartment to let it air out because it smelled….one of my dogs started to hang out in front of the apartment….could my dog have broughten them into my home….and do i have to throw out everything or not….i was told that i should start over with everything….is that true or can i take care of it myself…….

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • admin

    Sorry to hear you have an infestation at your place. Firstly, YOU ARE NOT DIRTY! Bed bugs travel, you might have brought home a hitch hiker in luggage or perhaps a visitor to your house brought them in. Follow the steps on this site and get yourself some Bed Bug Patrol – honest this stuff works, I’ve used it myself. I’m not going to pretent to you that you will get rid of these little blood suckers easily, but it is possible.

    Good luck

  • eriq

    actually i noticed that my bed ws infested hugely thz morning…by nw its evnin n m mentally traumatized coz ma frndz myt thnk m dirty,just where did they come from?i seem nt to find help yet…

  • admin

    Hi, Lorrie

    Sorry to hear you have brought home unwanted guests from your Disney world trip.

    Unfortunately you will have to do much more that laundering bedding to get rid of these bugs. The whole bedroom is undoubtedly infected and possibly other rooms too. If you read some of the articles on this site such as Kill bed bugs with steam and Exterminating bed bugs – the long road to success you will get some idea of what you need to do.

    Also I can personally recommend the Bed Bug Patrol products – they do work provided you follow the other steps I describe first.

    Good Luck!

  • Lorrie

    Upon returning from Disney World I noticed that my kids and I began to have bites on us. They looked like flea bites but I never saw any fleas. I still haven’t seen any bugs. I washed my sheets in hot water and bleach since they are white. I washed the boys sheets in hot water as well, they are still getting bitten. I vaccumed and sprayed the mattresses down. I don’t know what else to do! These things are driving me crazy!


  • admin

    Sorry you are having such a bad time with bed bug bites.

    To sooth the itching you could try a hydrocortizone based cream or some oral antihystamine tablets which you you can get from your drug store.
    Check out the 2 post on bed bug bites on this site.


  • ria

    help! i cant sleep at all because of those bed bugs, i saw twice of this bugs this week. i think it was infected my skin.. how can i have treatment for my skin, what lotion or something can bring back my skin,???? im so desparate.. 🙁

  • admin

    Hi Nadia,

    Have you checked in all the obscure places, in shoes, laptops, under jacket collars, your purse? Honestly these little beasties can get into everything. Also there could be the possibility that the spray you used has not killed of the eggs in your case. Try bed bug patrol which is designed to do just that or invest in a steam cleaner as this too will kill bed bugs at all stages of developement.

    Hope this helps

  • Nadia


    Have had bedbugs in a hotel and I cant seem to get rid of them even though i washed everything at high temperatures, and sprayed my bag thourougly….
    Can they live on me? In my hair or on my body??

    I am desperate!

    Hope anyone can help.